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Agitated is a game of love, of heartbreak, of acceptance.

JK, it really isn't. It is a game of anger, rage, and, well, agitation. You must find all the objects in the room to advance, but be warned, the rooms are larger than they appear on the inside. Some of the walls can move, some of the pitfalls can kill you, some of the places are unreachable. Okay, you can reach all the areas.

Agitated is a game I am making for my school's game competition. I want to post it here to get advice and see what I should add/take out/change. It is nowhere near complete, and consists of a Start Menu, a Levels menu, and 3 levels. Very fun. If you find one room to be too hard/too easy/too bland, then comment below. I will update this regularly, and will post all changes in the Update Log.

If you want to download it, it is complete enough to play. If you want to donate, I would love you forever. If this game is "successful" (100+ downloads), I will continue editing it and maybe sell it for monies. If you want to donate an asset (or money, money is always a good option), post in the comments or contact me. I am hoping to eventually create the game with an animated character, a bunch of random objects (donuts, sunglasses, etc.) for the objects, and maybe a better background/walls. At the moment, I just wanted to get the idea out there and see the support I could gain.

More information can be found here: http://snoflakegames.wix.com/home

I've added a "Manual" where you can find controls and basic "plot" of game. Actually should I make a plot for my game? IDK maybe comment or leave a FB post or something.

For kicks, if you donate more than $10.00 I'll include your name to the credits under "supporters" (I will contact you for what you want your name to be listed as, and if it is inappropriate, I will decline letting you put a name into my credits). All the money will go towards development of a Mobile version of this game and release on Steam Greenlight (planning ahead).

This next update (1.02) will be the last update I am posting for the desktop version. I mainly made this for my school's gaming competition, and will now start developing a mobile version of this game. Look for Agitated on the Google Play store and the App Store (As soon as I get a basic understanding of scaling...)

Install instructions

  1. Download the .exe
  2. Run the .exe
  3. The computer will try to tell you it is a virus, but don't believe it. I'm at least 95% sure it isn't. Trust me I programmed it.
  4. If you really are bothered, don't run it.


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READ ME.txt 2 kB
Manual 115 kB

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